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100 years of type

this morning while looking through etsy i found this strikingly, beautiful wood type print. wow! what a lovely little display of wood type. and the sales of the poster go to a good cause. check out all the goodies in print museum’s etsy shop. they have a wonderful selection of letterpress goodies including some collectible type specimen books, ink, wood type blocks, type necklaces, anĀ amazing 3 color circus poster & more. oh etsy, how i love you.


vandercook univeral I

so last night i had an amazing dream! my gorgeous studio was different. it was on the ground floor, pms 304 (of course), but had 3 walls of windows. one wall was stained glass windows of an amber & leaded glass. i walked in & was showing tom a few things when i saw these very large contractor buckets of wood type all over. i was confused & asking where did all this come from? and tom laughed. as i was sorting through the dusty, neglected type, a gorgeous circus, display font, i see him adding ink to a vandercook in the corner & staring it up. again, i was dumbfounded. and was very concerned with how much everything cost & if tom got a good deal or not. i woke with a smile. not really a daydream but a dream indeed. and i have a feeling my daydreams will be inspired by vandercooks & new studios today….