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100 years of type

this morning while looking through etsy i found this strikingly, beautiful wood type print. wow! what a lovely little display of wood type. and the sales of the poster go to a good cause. check out all the goodies in print museum’s etsy shop. they have a wonderful selection of letterpress goodies including some collectible type specimen books, ink, wood type blocks, type necklaces, an¬†amazing 3 color circus poster & more. oh etsy, how i love you.



ata type comparison

i am a typography junkie. i can’t get enough. honestly, i started collecting letterpress type blocks when i graduated college & never stopped. and little did i know back then, i would be printing with them some day. since the beginning of this collection, i’ve added books, magazine, sign letters, flashcards & other vintage ephemera to the mix. i’ve been focusing more on the books as of late since the popularity of type blocks & letterpress printing has inflated the prices drastically. i simply refuse to pay $4 or more for one average type block. instead i’ve been finding little book treasures.

table of contents

page after page filled with type specimens for me to admire, study & daydream of days when one would actually set the type shown to produce the book. hands would touch each & every character, add spacing, leading & punctuation manually. i can almost see the room the book was typeset in with banks & banks of type cabinets & gentlemen bent over choosing each letter at great speed, composing stick in the left hand & an ink-stained right hand picking each letter from the job case. ahhhhhh, it’s a magical vision.

pages 130-31

open and decorated faces

decorative faces

my most recent score was an ata type comparison book. i was treasure hunting with rebecca & i had talked her into purchasing this lovely, hand colored photograph of a bride in a gorgeous matte & frame. i just knew it would look amazing in the wedding section of her store wildcard. anyway, i was standing at the brownstone antiques, one of my favorite treasure hunting spots, counter while rebecca paid & this ouija board caught my eye. personally, they kind freak me out so i stepped back. when i stepped back i noticed a book underneath, the spine read type comparison with the ata logo above. i grabbed it enthusiastically & thumb through the pages. i wanted it. and what a deal at $5! it’s quite lovely and after reading the colophon i love it even more. the book states “set and lithographed by the members of the advertising typographers association, of america inc, on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the first printing from roman type, at subiaco, italy 1464-1465”.¬† i’m in love. seriously. the ata got together for the 500th anniversary of the 1st printing from roman type in italy?! L O V E .

page 130

the book is wonderful. showing specimens along with some original blocks & works. gorgeous. thank you brownstone antiques!

foursided treasures

this week i am fortune enough to have my friend, rebecca, stay with us. she’s visiting from pittsburgh & hasn’t been back to chicago since she moved in 2009. yesterday we went treasure hunting. and boy did we score! mid-afternoon we headed over to andersonville for their sidewalk sales.

foursided treasures

our first stop & really the whole reason to go, was foursided. if you haven’t been, you are missing out. it’s a gorgeous store with amazing vintage & antique goodies. they have original works of art but my most favorite are the typography trinkets. they are old repurposed type pieces. delightful little pieces from scrabble tiles, typewriter keys, letterpress blocks, stencils, flashcards, puzzle pieces, old signage, vintage magnets, the list goes on & on, pretty much anything beautifully old with letters. its great for a graphic design & typography girls like me.

foursided loot

well, rebecca had never been to foursided. we ended up spending almost two hours browsing these little treasures of type. we sifted through the huge bin of flashcards obsessively for about half the time we were there. i was searching for an “R” in metal type that just wasn’t surfacing. and panic really set in when another shopper started sifting through the bin with us. luckily, rebecca was kind enough to forfeit her “R” so i could complete my vintage metal “favorite” i’d been searching for. check out the amazing selection of treasures we scored! i heart foursided, chicago. and thanks rebecca for obsessing with me.