greek icon

as i mentioned my mom visited us last weekend. she brought me a present. and man, oh man! it’s beautiful. it’s a gorgeous, old, sterling silver, greek icon. it’s the perfect gift for an icon collector like myself. the intricate metal border is divine. i also love mary’s halo. it almost has a lace pattern or doily effect. another attribute to this icon is the elongated hands and face of mary. the artist made jesus’ head tiny but his body looks bigger. plus he has this scrawny leg sticking out that makes me smile. i would’ve loved to talk to the artist. ask him or her what images they looked at for inspiration. how they decided the position of mother & son, how did you choose their clothing & where did the detailed, delicate halo come from? i’m guessing they didn’t take a perspective class but spent hours & hours practicing custom, ornate patterns & borders. either way, it’s amazing & i love it. whomever the craftsman (or woman), they did a fine job. i’m hoping to capture a few more photos once i have her mounted on the wall of icon amazingness. stay tuned!