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greek icon

as i mentioned my mom visited us last weekend. she brought me a present. and man, oh man! it’s beautiful. it’s a gorgeous, old, sterling silver, greek icon. it’s the perfect gift for an icon collector like myself. the intricate metal border is divine. i also love mary’s halo. it almost has a lace pattern or doily effect. another attribute to this icon is the elongated hands and face of mary. the artist made jesus’ head tiny but his body looks bigger. plus he has this scrawny leg sticking out that makes me smile. i would’ve loved to talk to the artist. ask him or her what images they looked at for inspiration. how they decided the position of mother & son, how did you choose their clothing & where did the detailed, delicate halo come from? i’m guessing they didn’t take a perspective class but spent hours & hours practicing custom, ornate patterns & borders. either way, it’s amazing & i love it. whomever the craftsman (or woman), they did a fine job. i’m hoping to capture a few more photos once i have her mounted on the wall of icon amazingness. stay tuned!

religious pendants

religious treasures

on my way to the studio last friday i saw a sign for an estate sale. i was having a rough day, i spent most of the night before thinking of the past & was stuck in a cycle of tormenting myself. so, when i saw the sign my car almost parked itself. if i haven’t mentioned it before, i love treasure hunting & apparently it was just what i needed. when i walked in i was immediately drawn toa jewelry box filled with religious pendants & sacraments (or that’s what the woman holding the sale called them). i instantly felt better.

i have many collections, as well as many interests. one of my collections is religious icons. specifically catholic icons. i was not raised catholic, i am not catholic nor do i know much about catholicisms or saints. however, i do love the imagery & the idea. and it is very apparent many wonderful artist have taken their time & creative genius to depict saints. my little discover of trinkets are very detailed and with precious & semi-precious metals, felt & hand stitched. simply gorgeous.

saint pendants

religious trinknets

it sounds odd but i find hope in the idea of saints. it gives me comfort to know a man or woman can perform miracles, live a pious life & in the end, they are awarded sainthood. or at least, that’s my watered-down understanding of it. and honestly, i find comfort in this idea. it give me hope in humanity. hope to be a better person. maybe even a little hope that i’ve performed a miracle or two, not in hopes of becoming a saint but rather in hope that i’ve blessed another being’s life. and maybe i’m reading too much into things or looking for a sign that isn’t there but these little pendants that i found on such a difficult day felt like a sign, perhaps letting me know all is forgiven. or perhaps a little reminder you don’t have to be claimed a saint by a church to be a saint to someone…