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100 years of type

this morning while looking through etsy i found this strikingly, beautiful wood type print. wow! what a lovely little display of wood type. and the sales of the poster go to a good cause. check out all the goodies in print museum’s etsy shop. they have a wonderful selection of letterpress goodies including some collectible type specimen books, ink, wood type blocks, type necklaces, anĀ amazing 3 color circus poster & more. oh etsy, how i love you.


Antique Saint Pocket Shrine via Happy Moon Designs

oh my! this little lovely made my heart go pitter-patter today. as i’ve mentioned before i love religious icons & this tiny treasure is oh so perfect in so many ways. a petite little shrine to carry with you. i love the detail in the hand stamped metal & window with red glass (or is it resin). plus it opens to reveal a little infant jesus of prague. gorgeous!

Happy Moon Designs has a lovely etsy shop. it’s filled with beautiful handmade jewelry, luscious antique beads, trade beads from afarĀ  & vintage finds. she shows her treasures off with perfect photos. next time i need a treat, i’ll be shopping here.

tunic by milo creative studios

i love etsy. i think the creators are brilliant! and honestly, they have helped me grow my business by leaps & bounds. not only have i sold thousands of cards thru my etsy site, but i’ve also been contacted by several wholesalers. it’s amazing. i’m blown away by the amount of products available & also when people find me there. plus, etsians are encouraging & kind. many times i have received thoughtful little notes or convos. it’s really a wonderful community i’m proud to be a part of.

anyway, not only do i sell on etsy, i shop often. i’ve decided from time to time i will post an etsy love, crush or desire. i have many of them. today i’m crushing on this lovely tunic. the color is oh so beautiful & the draping & textures make my toes curl. check it out: