gametime tom

tom & i were suppose to attend last monday night’s cub’s game. so after a long weekend at lollapalooza i wasn’t feeling too much like a long night at wrigley field but i was going. also, tom is the king of rain delays. that being said i wasn’t surprised when it started clouding over at 3:30 in the afternoon then a half hour later pouring down rain. i headed home early so we could see the whole game. when i arrived home i was surprised to see tom cooking dinner & not in his normal cub-game-day-attire. he had a plan to enjoy a nice dinner at home, a homebrew or two & see if the game was still delayed.

wrigley field

we finished dinner & checked espn again & again they reported delayed. finally at some point the game was rescheduled for thursday afternoon. tom was very disappointed. a make up game in the middle of the day doesn’t usually fit into either of our schedules. so he made a plan to give them to our neighbor who’s a huge cub fan & her grandson.


thursday came & it was a delightful mid 70° day, sunny with a little breeze. a beautiful & unseasonably cool day. unfortunately, our neighbor couldn’t attend the game so tom was back to square one with the tickets. he hated them to go to waste & especially because they were such good seats. he asked all of our friends if they could go & there were still no takers. he even asked his boss to go but he couldn’t either. however, he did give tom the ok to leave early & go. that’s when i realized i would be taking a half day too. it’s a challenge when you work for yourself to take a spontaneous days off but i did. and it was an absolutely perfect day for a game! the seats were amazing. we were in the 9th row & had foul balls flying all over us. plus the cubbies won. very exciting. tom is a big cubs fan & honestly, wrigley is always a great time. this time didn’t disappoint. great seats, great game, perfect weather & with the best husband ever! what more could a girl ask for?

batter up

chicago dog




street vendor

mom & her coconut bar

this past sunday, tom & i were fortunate enough to have visitors. my mom came up late morning & spent most of the day with me. we always have a great time & tom was pretty excited to empty the christmas bounty i’ve been purchasing for her & storing in our garage for a couple of months now. we started the day by checking out the yard & all the new growth. she was very impressed with my succulent pots & amazed by how much they have flourished.

tom mentioned there was an equador parade in the hood at noon. ma just happens to love parades & has

little man

unknowingly found herself in a few, that’s another story for another time… we headed out to see our neighborhood sunday parade. no parade is complete without ice cream & it just so happened our favorite street vendors were all around with a plethora of frozen treats to choose from. i picked coconut bars for us, including our neighbor who joined us with her two dogs. and shortly after two other neighbors joined us on the curb.

dancing girls

the parade was very festive! it started with a bang & a drum & bugle corp. i always love watching them, i’m sure it has something to do with watching my childhood friend compete in one for several summers throughout college. the parade was filled with lots of floats with bands & djs, all playing loud, upbeat mariachi style music. there were dancers, both young & seasoned, lots of pretty ladies

drum & bugle corp.

in the highest stilettos, low rider cars, motorcycles, little boys & girls waving their equadorian flags proudly. it was a great way to spend an hour or so. the floats were handing out unfrozen fla-vor-ice & some literature in spanish. some were even sharing cds of the band playing on the float. i think even more so than the parade, i loved the people.

dancing ladies

everyone was wearing their equador shirts & waving their flags, their patriotism was contagious. lots of families with generations, not like our american families with just mom, dad & kids. a perfect start to a perfect chicago sunday.

Antique Saint Pocket Shrine via Happy Moon Designs

oh my! this little lovely made my heart go pitter-patter today. as i’ve mentioned before i love religious icons & this tiny treasure is oh so perfect in so many ways. a petite little shrine to carry with you. i love the detail in the hand stamped metal & window with red glass (or is it resin). plus it opens to reveal a little infant jesus of prague. gorgeous!

Happy Moon Designs has a lovely etsy shop. it’s filled with beautiful handmade jewelry, luscious antique beads, trade beads from afar  & vintage finds. she shows her treasures off with perfect photos. next time i need a treat, i’ll be shopping here.


ata type comparison

i am a typography junkie. i can’t get enough. honestly, i started collecting letterpress type blocks when i graduated college & never stopped. and little did i know back then, i would be printing with them some day. since the beginning of this collection, i’ve added books, magazine, sign letters, flashcards & other vintage ephemera to the mix. i’ve been focusing more on the books as of late since the popularity of type blocks & letterpress printing has inflated the prices drastically. i simply refuse to pay $4 or more for one average type block. instead i’ve been finding little book treasures.

table of contents

page after page filled with type specimens for me to admire, study & daydream of days when one would actually set the type shown to produce the book. hands would touch each & every character, add spacing, leading & punctuation manually. i can almost see the room the book was typeset in with banks & banks of type cabinets & gentlemen bent over choosing each letter at great speed, composing stick in the left hand & an ink-stained right hand picking each letter from the job case. ahhhhhh, it’s a magical vision.

pages 130-31

open and decorated faces

decorative faces

my most recent score was an ata type comparison book. i was treasure hunting with rebecca & i had talked her into purchasing this lovely, hand colored photograph of a bride in a gorgeous matte & frame. i just knew it would look amazing in the wedding section of her store wildcard. anyway, i was standing at the brownstone antiques, one of my favorite treasure hunting spots, counter while rebecca paid & this ouija board caught my eye. personally, they kind freak me out so i stepped back. when i stepped back i noticed a book underneath, the spine read type comparison with the ata logo above. i grabbed it enthusiastically & thumb through the pages. i wanted it. and what a deal at $5! it’s quite lovely and after reading the colophon i love it even more. the book states “set and lithographed by the members of the advertising typographers association, of america inc, on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the first printing from roman type, at subiaco, italy 1464-1465”.  i’m in love. seriously. the ata got together for the 500th anniversary of the 1st printing from roman type in italy?! L O V E .

page 130

the book is wonderful. showing specimens along with some original blocks & works. gorgeous. thank you brownstone antiques!

tom at lolla entrance

the final day of lolla 2011 was sunny, hot & filled with fluffy clouds for a few hours. we headed to the far south side of grant park, hutchinson field, to check out the cars. they are still rockin & sounded great. the crowd loved them. the only issue was the mud & the terrible smell. i’m not sure why but it smelled like a pig farm. gag. and i just couldn’t get used to it. i was very relieved to hear the next couple bands we wanted to see where on the north side.

storm clouds

as we arrived to the north fields of grant park we were greeted by some very ominous clouds. yet, the sun was still shining & to the south it still looked pleasant. after the third song from cage the elephant the skies opened & the rains came down. we fortunately, had a shower curtain we had been sitting on that we quickly covered ourselves with. it worked well & we stayed mostly dry. the oppressive heat suddenly faded to a cool

the calm before

showers and gusts of lakefront winds. the combination seemed to be speed for the college aged crowd there. suddenly, they were running, splashing, chugging beer & being obnoxious. i felt like i was part of a frat party.

the rain stopped & the sun shined bright again. we even got to enjoy a double rainbow over the lakefront. very beautiful… and muddy… and smelly. by the time we were scouting out our spot for the foo fighters, the south side was a mud pit. and there was a huge group sliding down a hill

lolla rainbow

into the muck. there were people peeing everywhere, drunk underage kids, obnoxious frat boys, it was quite a spectacle. as we were getting ready to face the crowd & find our space for the night, tom looked to the north & saw more ominous clouds rolling in. fortunate for me he stated we’re done. so we headed for the exit. as we walked, i wondered if i would regret not seeing the closing of 2011 lolla. a half block from the brown line it started pouring! and not just rain but pouring. and diagonally. any inkling of regret was instantly gone & i was grateful

a muddy, beautiful mess

to be under the awning of the el station. tom has impeccable timing. and i am often the beneficiary. thanks tom, you always know how to save me.

photo by stephanie land

there’s something about august that stirs my soul. what usually starts out as hot & oppressive usually ends a little more bearable & often pleasant. the sun starts to fade from a summery scorching fireball to that sort of comfort only a fall sun can have. it’s as if it reaches inside you & fills any darkness with sunshine. august mornings are a little darker, twilight seems more glowing, it’s a magical month.

it also happens to be the month i usually start reflecting on my life. looking to see what improvements have been made, what has been neglected & what really needs to change to make me a better person. it’s an old familiar battle i face 2-3 times a year. i guess august is my evolution month. i try to identify the problems & take action to correct it. some years are better than others. this year has been a struggle mentally & i guess physically too. i spent much of the first half worrying about others & the future only to neglect my own self. i do that from time to time. somehow, when others (or myself) are hurting or struggling, i abuse myself. then regret my physical state. so begins my reflection. i’ll be spending the next couple weeks reflecting. pondering what worked & what didn’t. who i am & who i want to be. daydreaming of what i want for myself.  focus on creating my future. so, watch out world… there’s a new & improved me happening, you just don’t know it yet.

lolla friday

lolla friday

it’s lolla weekend here in chicago. very exciting! i’ve been fortunate to go since it found its home in chicago. and although, i don’t think lolla can ever top 2008’s lineup, it’s always a good time. the weather was forecast to be beautiful and it was friday. got to hear smith westerns, the kills (they always rock), the mountain goats, bright eyes, ok go (who was amazing) & ratatat. a great time was had by all. and we pulled an “i might be getting old” moment when we left early so we would have an easier commute on the el.

my morning jacket

saturday started with some rain which always makes grant park a muddy, smelly mess. combine that with thousands of sweaty music lovers & you have what usually smells like a pig farm. we were fortunate enough to be on the north side of the park & honestly, it wasn’t bad. we had out shower curtain in tow, along with our festival blanket, a cooler with water & rum & we were set.  we got to see deftones, ween, beats antique, lykee li & my morning jacket who had a two hour set. they’re great musicians but toward the end i got a little bored. i blame it on the rum & jam band vibe. we stayed until the end & i was very disappointed to find they had barricades blocking millennium park & completely turned off the fountain. being a chicagoan, i take great pride in our beautiful park & amazing fountain. i’m sure there was some sort of responsible reasoning behind the actions. yet, i can’t help but be disheartened our fair city didn’t want to share sure a treasure with lolla’s departing guests. so many are from out-of-town & i think would enjoy our park.

lolla stage

tom & i broke the rules & found a seat on the side of the black, dry fountain which is usually bright, festive & filled with people playing in the water. we people watched for some time then headed to the brown line. i felt like a champion pushing my way on to the platform then in the already packed el car & was amazed that these late teen & twenty-somethings were whining about people getting on the train. obviously, they’re new to this whole big-event downtown public transportation thing. our car cleared out pretty quickly once we arrived to fullerton & we had a seat & mostly enjoyable ride north. until western. some guy got on with his phone blaring some hip-hop crap that he thought everyone should here. it was loud, distorted & just plain annoying… or maybe i’m just getting too old for long, hot weekends, outdoors, drinking, port-o-potties & listening to amazing music. on second thought, no i’m not. well, except maybe the port-o’s. can’t wait to see what today brings!