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potential storage solution

work has been incredibly busy. we’re growing by leaps & bounds. it’s wonderful! along with all this growth has come some storage challenges. i’ve spent years collecting wonderful, unusual, vintage shelving & items not normally used in a shop as our storage. it makes for a very fun working environment. however, it also limits space. and many of the items were hand me downs that i used only because they were free. we’re in a place now where we can invest some money into a few more efficient storage items. i have a limited budget & space but am determined to find some attractive, industrial storage solutions. perhaps an old factory cart or shelving. maybe a wall of basket lockers. we’ll see but let the treasure hunting begin!


86° in the studio today

it’s stifling outside. npr just reported 100° at the lakefront & 97° inland. the studio air is cranked yet the ink is runny, i’m sweaty & it’s feeling stuffy. it’s hard to stay busy without doing much physically. i have lots of printing to be done & find myself again daydreaming of my studio space. dreaming of central air and perhaps something with warm, deliciously colored wood floors. and lots of windows… maybe facing east so i won’t fry in the sun like my current space…

former paper boy sorter

former paper boy sorter

more treasures from paper boy arrived this past weekend. i am the proud new owner of a metal paper sorter! as well as two mail bins and one bank table, photos of that beauty coming soon, i’m still making space for it. but here’s a preview of the other goodies. i’m interested to see where it will eventually end up in the studio & just how much we can put in it. what is it about heavy, industrial, metal stuff that attracts me?

die cut aftermath

die cut aftermath

finally, i’m back on press. and it’s die-cutting day. i have to say my die-cutting skills aren’t as sharp (heehee) as my printing skills. mostly because i haven’t logged in quite as many hours as i have printing. it is a similar process as printing but with razors… very exciting! the issue i encounter is getting the paper out of the press in one piece. there’s a few misses & afterward my shop floor is littered with die cutting remnants. fun, colorful, pretty, discarded letterpress goodness. kinda like confetti but different…

vandercook univeral I

so last night i had an amazing dream! my gorgeous studio was different. it was on the ground floor, pms 304 (of course), but had 3 walls of windows. one wall was stained glass windows of an amber & leaded glass. i walked in & was showing tom a few things when i saw these very large contractor buckets of wood type all over. i was confused & asking where did all this come from? and tom laughed. as i was sorting through the dusty, neglected type, a gorgeous circus, display font, i see him adding ink to a vandercook in the corner & staring it up. again, i was dumbfounded. and was very concerned with how much everything cost & if tom got a good deal or not. i woke with a smile. not really a daydream but a dream indeed. and i have a feeling my daydreams will be inspired by vandercooks & new studios today….

lights out

an idle wilamina

the studio is quiet. very quiet. we have no power again. the storms that rolled through chicago knocked out the power on monday morning. the first day was manageable. day two makes me nervous.  i have several hundred cards to die cut for an order that should be shipping this evening. instead of the hum of my press’ motor & thunk of impression, i hear silence. no radio. no noisy walk-in cooler from my studio mate. silence that is interrupted every 8 minutes by a rushing brown line train out the window. my computer battery is quickly fading, as is my concentration. i’m daydreaming of power… and printing with my press. the smell of ink, the stack of blank sheets, the hum of the press & thunk of impression, it’s magical and i’m counting the minutes until i can operate my press again.

a. favorite design studio

a. favorite design studio

today i’m dreaming of expanding my studio.

i adore my studio. i talked for years & years of my eventual studio. since 2007, i have had two. my first was a very raw space with bad (or sometimes no) heat, rodents & a bathroom shared with about a dozen boys but i didn’t care. it was mine & i cherished it. my current studio space is much more comfortable, gorgeous actually. i moved in 2009 & immediately had my uncle paint the space a pastel turquoise & milk chocolate. there is a wall of southern exposed windows & a skylight. it’s wonderful! i am sharing the space at the moment but am pretty sure i will need to expand into the other half quite soon. so today, i’m dreaming of my expansion. considering new lighting, a complete wall made of vintage windows & doors, perhaps a loft for storage, a sitting area, a polymer platemaker… sigh….