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cherry cheesecake frozen yogurt

we all scream for ice cream! sunday was a busy day filled with visiting, treasure hunting, parade watching & dining. tom made a lovely lupper (lunch + supper) and mom brought dessert. i had gotten a text earlier in the week asking if i wanted cake. i declined. every time we have cake half of it goes uneaten & i feel bad throwing it away. then lovey (that’s what we call my mom) asked if i would prefer homemade ice cream. who can resist ice cream? especially homemade? plus it’s been over a year & a half since we bought lovey the ice cream maker attachment to her kitchen aid but have yet to reap the benefits.

deliciousness in a bowl

tom insisted we buy my mom a kitchen aid for christmas several years ago. he loves her cookies & thought maybe he would get more of them if he bought her the proper tools. i think it’s worked well. for the first year, i’d say she brought tom oatmeal chocolate chip cookies almost every time we saw her. i think it’s tinkered out over the last two years but it was a good run. and the holidays aren’t that far behind, so we’ll be back in the cookie receiving end soon.

however, now we have the option of homemade ice cream! and that’s exciting. this weekend lovely made a cherry cheesecake frozen yogurt. it was creamy, flavorful & just plain delicious! plus, it looked pretty. thanks lovey!


greek icon

as i mentioned my mom visited us last weekend. she brought me a present. and man, oh man! it’s beautiful. it’s a gorgeous, old, sterling silver, greek icon. it’s the perfect gift for an icon collector like myself. the intricate metal border is divine. i also love mary’s halo. it almost has a lace pattern or doily effect. another attribute to this icon is the elongated hands and face of mary. the artist made jesus’ head tiny but his body looks bigger. plus he has this scrawny leg sticking out that makes me smile. i would’ve loved to talk to the artist. ask him or her what images they looked at for inspiration. how they decided the position of mother & son, how did you choose their clothing & where did the detailed, delicate halo come from? i’m guessing they didn’t take a perspective class but spent hours & hours practicing custom, ornate patterns & borders. either way, it’s amazing & i love it. whomever the craftsman (or woman), they did a fine job. i’m hoping to capture a few more photos once i have her mounted on the wall of icon amazingness. stay tuned!

gametime tom

tom & i were suppose to attend last monday night’s cub’s game. so after a long weekend at lollapalooza i wasn’t feeling too much like a long night at wrigley field but i was going. also, tom is the king of rain delays. that being said i wasn’t surprised when it started clouding over at 3:30 in the afternoon then a half hour later pouring down rain. i headed home early so we could see the whole game. when i arrived home i was surprised to see tom cooking dinner & not in his normal cub-game-day-attire. he had a plan to enjoy a nice dinner at home, a homebrew or two & see if the game was still delayed.

wrigley field

we finished dinner & checked espn again & again they reported delayed. finally at some point the game was rescheduled for thursday afternoon. tom was very disappointed. a make up game in the middle of the day doesn’t usually fit into either of our schedules. so he made a plan to give them to our neighbor who’s a huge cub fan & her grandson.


thursday came & it was a delightful mid 70° day, sunny with a little breeze. a beautiful & unseasonably cool day. unfortunately, our neighbor couldn’t attend the game so tom was back to square one with the tickets. he hated them to go to waste & especially because they were such good seats. he asked all of our friends if they could go & there were still no takers. he even asked his boss to go but he couldn’t either. however, he did give tom the ok to leave early & go. that’s when i realized i would be taking a half day too. it’s a challenge when you work for yourself to take a spontaneous days off but i did. and it was an absolutely perfect day for a game! the seats were amazing. we were in the 9th row & had foul balls flying all over us. plus the cubbies won. very exciting. tom is a big cubs fan & honestly, wrigley is always a great time. this time didn’t disappoint. great seats, great game, perfect weather & with the best husband ever! what more could a girl ask for?

batter up

chicago dog



street vendor

mom & her coconut bar

this past sunday, tom & i were fortunate enough to have visitors. my mom came up late morning & spent most of the day with me. we always have a great time & tom was pretty excited to empty the christmas bounty i’ve been purchasing for her & storing in our garage for a couple of months now. we started the day by checking out the yard & all the new growth. she was very impressed with my succulent pots & amazed by how much they have flourished.

tom mentioned there was an equador parade in the hood at noon. ma just happens to love parades & has

little man

unknowingly found herself in a few, that’s another story for another time… we headed out to see our neighborhood sunday parade. no parade is complete without ice cream & it just so happened our favorite street vendors were all around with a plethora of frozen treats to choose from. i picked coconut bars for us, including our neighbor who joined us with her two dogs. and shortly after two other neighbors joined us on the curb.

dancing girls

the parade was very festive! it started with a bang & a drum & bugle corp. i always love watching them, i’m sure it has something to do with watching my childhood friend compete in one for several summers throughout college. the parade was filled with lots of floats with bands & djs, all playing loud, upbeat mariachi style music. there were dancers, both young & seasoned, lots of pretty ladies

drum & bugle corp.

in the highest stilettos, low rider cars, motorcycles, little boys & girls waving their equadorian flags proudly. it was a great way to spend an hour or so. the floats were handing out unfrozen fla-vor-ice & some literature in spanish. some were even sharing cds of the band playing on the float. i think even more so than the parade, i loved the people.

dancing ladies

everyone was wearing their equador shirts & waving their flags, their patriotism was contagious. lots of families with generations, not like our american families with just mom, dad & kids. a perfect start to a perfect chicago sunday.

grandma's chair

today i’ve been daydreaming about a chair i recently inherited. this beautiful little chair came from my grandma. i don’t remember ever seeing it in her home but obviously, it was there. hiding somewhere. it appears to be re-upholstered & i couldn’t be more happy with the fabric choice. it’s lovely & vibrant green. but every time i pass the chair i can’t help but wonder about the history… i think i remember my dad telling me it was his grandma’s but am not certain. where did it come from? who upholstered it? who sat in it? these are questions i probably will never know the answers to. perhaps, i’ll just make up my own stories about the chair. until then, i’ll just enjoy it & admire it’s lovely fabric. it looks very inviting sitting in our foyer & i’m honored i could give it a new home.