name: amber j. favorite
title: letterpress junkie, skillful daydreamer, design genius, brilliant craftswoman, type zealot, professional brainstormer
sign: leo
3 places you’ve lived: sandwich, somonauk, chicago
favorite color: at the moment pms185, although I’m loving 310 & 469 too
radio stations you listen to: 88.7 loyola radio, 91.5 chicago public radio, occasionally 93.1 xrt
favorite number: the magical 33
magazine subscriptions: newsweek, graphic design usa & uppercase
memberships: wbez chicago, dank haus chicago, chicago beer society, hamilton wood type museum & ladies of letterpress
girlie, toots, ambie, hot stuff, tootsie wootsie, ber
superpower you would like: the ability to fly
hopes, dreams & wishes: i’d like to make the world a little better than when I got here, haven’t figured it out yet but i’m working on it
personal credo: never underestimate the power of a smile
anything else you’d like to say: thanks. without my family & friend’s support i’d be stuck in neutral