amazing taxidermy

on one of my august adventures, i stumbled across this amazing case of taxidermy. it was part of circus world & was the only case of its kind there. it had a splendid assortments of creatures. i’ve always been a little terrified & delighted by taxidermy. there’s something endearing & peaceful about a taxidermy animal. most are in a natural position, looking confident & proud.

taxidermy box

i’d like to think someone enjoyed or loved that creature so much they want to keep the animal with them even after it has passed. however, it’s most likely the animal is a prize. a trophy. not loved for the comfort, companionship or happiness it brought the human. but instead an award to show how skillful the human is with a weapon. hunting seems to help lesser men feel superior. and taxidermy is the reminder to the rest of us.

but as mentioned before, i have an affinity for vintage taxidermy. the animals look so elegant & regal. i was fascinated with this lovely display. it was filled with so many exotic creatures: a snake, baby alligator, albino ferret, a squirrel, a turtle, a parrot, a moth & oh so many birds. it’s magnificent! i could have stared at it for hours. there were so many lights reflecting in the glass i couldn’t capture a good shot. but, you’ll get the gist.