prickly thingys

wasp thingys

so i might have mentioned once or twice about our urban garden & our flower boxes. well, here in chicago we have some amazing garden centers. really amazing. one of the best & also most costly is gethsemane garden center. i love to visit this place. and i was very lucky to have a rather large gift certificate to this magical garden center, so i’ve been having a delightful time all summer visiting, shopping & browsing. this weekend i was wanting to purchase a rose of sharon shrub or perhaps another hibiscus of some sort. while visiting the garden center i became extremely distracted by these wasp things. that’s what i’m calling them anyway. they are large, very large & black with blue highlights with giant-sized bodies. so creepy & yet intriguing. they were really attracted to this prickly, gorgeous periwinkle blue like plant. it was really striking but painful looking too. needless to say, i didn’t get my rose of sharon. nor did i pick up a hibiscus. but i got a few shots of the prickly pretty plant & the creepy intriguing wasp thingys. i guess i’ll just have to go back…