andrew bird performing

i am a huge admirer of andrew bird. honestly, i think the man is a genius. every time i listen to his music i am in awe of his passion & brilliance. he’s one of those artists that makes me want to be better at my craft. his many layers of instruments, whistling & singing are mesmerizing. and if you’ve ever seen him perform live you will be amazed watching him loop little snippets with every instrument he has. it’s mind-blowing!

you may ask how does music inspire letterpress printing? his music is one of the main soundtracks of the studio when i have control of stereo. but i guess it’s more his personal drive & passion that’s inspiring. andrew bird makes me push a little harder, experiment a little more, challenge myself with projects i know will be difficult. he makes me want to explore my passion more. embrace it until i am exhausted. and for that, i thank him. plus, his music is a great comfort to me when flying…